Annual Reports 2018 - 2019


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”

This year the team at Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, succeeded in scaling many daunting mountains by bringing home the greatest triumphs in the field of education. Our penchant for perfection was acknowledge and recognised by the most acclaimed experts in the field. The session 2018-2019 will always be remembered for its crowing a accomplishment of the year- The Best School Award by Education World magazine. Within a span of only 4 years, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar has been able to rank claim the top most spot in the state and the coveted 1st rank in Amritsar by a distinguished group of experts in the field of education. That moment is no more a chimera, dear parents, when we will soon claim the coveted number 1 rank in the country with our hard work and your support. This award like all others I would like to most humbly dedicate to you all our esteemed patrons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

NSA Award

Adding to our pride and the cluster of accomplishments is the award for the best CBSE school in the city by Prime Time at the 6th Global Education Excellence Awards, 2018.

The glorious year became further resplendent when we were chosen amongst a niche set of iconic schools to be featured amongst the Great Schools of India, a special documentary by Republic TV that celebrates the progressive topmost schools of the country.

At Mount Litera we understand that not all classrooms have wall. would also cherish this session for having the school’s first, seven-day International Cultural Exchange Programme to British schools in London, UK. Our explorer marvels, embarked on this exciting journey on 1st July, 2018 and revelled in being a part of the noted Eltham Hill School, London. The participants got to live in a different cultural environment, among a host British family, experiencing a lifestyle which is in many ways different to their own culture and routine.

Another bright spot of the year that enthralled everyone was Talent Scout, wherein our little Literans engaged themselves in competing in various categories like Classical Dance, Western Dance, Folk Dance, Indo Western Fusion, Rock Band, Classical Singing Mono acting and Oratory. The performances that we spectated are truly memorable!


“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

The reflector of futuristic schooling, Mount Litera is not just about imparting knowledge but to offer an international edge to the learning atmosphere, celebrating individual talents and worth of each child. This year, the incorporation of the advanced endeavor Khan Academy Online Lessons paved the way for our masterminds’ bright future. It is no doubt in the fact that children are better trained if they are familiar with the nitty-gritty of using technology in education.

We are proud to share our students’ enthusiastic participation in LearnStorm challenge wherein a massive number of schools across India contested against each other and let the ball of learning rolling.

It is well known a fact that SOF Olympiads form a perfect international platform wherein students across the globe participate to take these competitive exams.

I am proud to announce the names of our Olympiad achievers who have carved a niche in these competitive exams with their enthusiastic participation and exemplary results in various subjects.

In last year’s International Maths Olympiad, Rabaani Mehra (Grade ), Tisha Kumar (Grade 5), Inayat Arora (Grade), Zyna Dhillon (Grade 7), Amrit Kaur (grade 8), qualified for the next level of the exam and secured outstanding zonal and international ranks.

Coming to International English Olympiad, you all, dear parents, will yourself notice the exponential increase in the number of qualifiers for Level 2. We are proud to declare that last year Rosa Marwaha (grade), Gayatri Bhatia (Grade), Vanya Gulati (Grade), Kavya Mehra (Grade), Mannat Samra (Grade), Tisha Kumar (Grade), Devanshika Seth (Grade), Sanjog Anand (Grade ), Zyna Dhillon (Grade) and Ananya Mehra (Grade ) filled us with sheer delight with their extraordinary results.

However, the results of IEO this year are truly legendary! An astounding number of students have made their way to Level 2 with their superlative zonal and international ranks. These crown jewels of the school are Sidhima Baluja (Grade 3), Zonaira Arora (Grade 3), Hunar Arora (Grade 3), Vanya Gulati (grade 4), Rabaani Mehra (Grade 4), Rynah Arora (Grade 4), Arshpreet Kohli (Grade 4), Saina Mehra (Grade 4), Inayat Arora (Grade 4), Ojasvi Behal (Grade 4), Deetya Behal (Grade 4), Tisha Kumar (Grade 5), Mannat Samra (grade 5), Devyansh Khanna (Grade 5), Kavya Mehra (Grade 5), Sanjvi Anand (Grade 6), Sanjog Anand (Grade 6), Suhani Mehra (Grade 6), Kaashvi Arora (Grade 7), Sanay Khurana (grade 7) and Zyna Dhillon (grade 7).

In addition to this, _____________ have brought laurels to the school by securing wonderful zonal ranks in this this year’s International General Knowledge Olympiad.

We are glad to see these children exhibiting the true spirit of Mount Litera.

We didn’t miss out on earmarking sufficient days in our academic calendar for scholarly extension lectures by eminent personalities in the field of education. Some of these included lectures on Nationalism, Adolescent Education, Gender Sensitivity, Self-defense, First-Aid, etc. facilitating our students’ not only intellectual but emotional, mental and physical growth.

We consider it as our duty to facilitate an ideal road map for the future of our young Literans, and, therefore, we invited Mr Kamlakar Dwivedi, one of the best career counselors from Dr Amrita Dass Institute of career studies to empower the students of grade 7 to 10th in making understand their interests, aptitudes and to choose their dream career that match their interests and educational skills.

Every child is an artist. Have you ever tried to discover that artist embedded inside your child? If not, let us do the honors! Mount Litera doesn’t define art as just mere scribbling of the crayons; it is more than just colors and craft. It’s about their unique perspective. We believe that if we don’t let young children know that having new and different ideas is okay, then we will end up wiping the slate clean all over again!

To encourage their creativity and varied ways of looking at things, we organized an exclusive Art Appreciation workshop by none other than Zeeny Jhelumi. She discussed about Picasso’s eclectic art and provided knowledge about the timeless qualities that identify all great art.

Such opportunities not only reward our young minds extrinsically but also infuse in them a love for learning more and more.


There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: one is roots, the other is wings.

While we steadfastly strengthened the wings of our students for a flight of academic success, we also partnered with the parents of our school to fortify the roots of character in the form of a collaborative initiative named AWAAZ.

Core values like kindness, integrity, comradeship were imparted with the help of our pro-active parent-educators- Mrs. Suhena Chauhan, Mrs. Suruchi Savlani, Mrs. Binti Kumar, Mrs. Khushboo Aggarwal, Mrs. Nagma Khanna, Mrs. Priya Chauhan, Mrs. Sakshi Mehra. The school is highly appreciative of all your efforts in associating with us to impart best educational experience for our young ones.

Adding to the list was Mount Litera’s Peace Day project that aimed at connecting classrooms across the world to spread the message of peace. The young peace emissaries of Mount Litera Zee School, reached out to their Russians peers and celebrated World Peace Day with a Skype Interaction.

Social services are an important part of the school calendar at MLZS. Our students personified empathy and compassion when given a chance to contribute to the Kerala Flood Relief campaign. The Bounteous Books Campaign saw our students zealously coming together to setup a library for the students of Govt Elementary school, Gumtala.


“Education, like the mass of our age's inventions, is after all, only a tool; everything depends upon the workman who uses it”. The work man in the field of education is a teacher.

It gives me great delight in boasting that the educators of Mount Litera not only abide by the school’s motto but live it as well. They are constantly engaged in learning experiences to be able to produce a crop of generation that is adept in their craft towards academic excellence, synthesized with an overwhelming prowess of enthusiasm.

In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills, our teachers, besides subject enhancements workshops on Hindi, Social Sciences, History, Mathematics, attended various enriching workshops tailoring to several significant academic spheres. Some of these include, for instance, the right way of teaching and using Phonics during the foundation years of a child.

Another augmenting programme was Capacity Building workshop by CBSE. It immensely helped our teachers know the correct pedagogies leading to our students’ academic ascent.

There’s no wonder that we celebrate the largest number of merit and distinction holders of Trinity College of London Examination in town when we are the only school having considerable number of well-trained teachers, who not only participate in various in-house workshops but also made it to Chandigarh this year for attending an exclusive event meant to upskill the teachers.

Well, our educators’ trail of learning doesn’t just come to an end here. Mount Litera took pride in hosting the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts Summit 2018, wherein our teachers got acquainted with the futuristic technologies to bring the change and demonstrate excellence in the classrooms.

Such workshops are conducted with a view to enhance our educators’ capabilities to ensure the best learning experience for our students.


Since genius is not found in plenty, it is the prime responsibility of education today to tap this unique facet in children. Mount Litera doesn’t view sports as an alternative but the most essential aspect of education. The school constantly invests immense interest and mind to provide excellent amenities and professional trainers to raise the sports stars of the future.

Sports have indeed been in its heyday during the session 2018-19, wherein the school hosted several inter-school and inter-clan competitions to promote competitive spirit and sportsmanship. The hard work put in by our expert coaches and the taught paid the dividends when our acclaimed pair of shuttlers- Krisha Arora and Kaashvi Arora of Grade 7 procured district golds in Badminton District Tournament held in Amritsar. Dhruv Juneja of Grade 10 followed the triumphant moment by bagging 1st position in Under 17 Zonal badminton Tournament held in Amritsar.

Zyna Dhillon of Grade 7 and Inayat Arora of Grade 6 joined the league by securing 1st position in the school district under 14 girls’ category, and, thus, made our school stand first in Zonal Basketball Tournament in the same category.

Mount Litera took pride in hosting Zonal Tournaments for Football, Swimming and Basketball wherein students of various prestigious schools teamed against each other. It was indeed a golden opportunity for our marvels to showcase their unmatched team spirit and sportsmanship.

The scintillation and the facilities at the school are testaments to what education can and must do for children. Our students are visible examples of energy that is skillfully utilized and well-directed. We are all eyes and ears to their presence and uniqueness, the world will soon be!

With a deep sense of humility and gratitude to my indefatigable team, meritorious students and the ever-supportive you, dear parents, I say that we are proud of our work and have a long way to traverse, to reach a goal that is not impossible.