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Webinar on "CYBERDEMIC"

6/1/2020 20:34

There's more to COVID-19 than just a deadly virus. When we had begun to exult over the fact that we have found a solution to the lockdown imposed by it by opening our WINDOWS, incidence of cybercrime including hacking, phishing, frauds, extortion, and what not, began to increase throwing us into the jaws of an occurrence nicknamed 'CYBERDEMIC' by Mount Literans. The threat to our children from the Cyber world due to increased exposure to online activities is greater than Coronavirus and we need to protect them and ourselves from this by observing safety measures and cyber laws. And before things went haywire, we decided to do something about this. We are Mount Literans. Whenever a crisis strikes the world, we are the first to come up with a solution. That's what we did again this time. Under the sapient guidance of Ms Manjot Dhillon, the Director of the school, a webinar titled 'CYBERDEMIC' was organised, the second discussion on the ravages of Coronavirus under its series 'The Caucus’. Mr Rakshit Tandon, a cyber expert, addressed the august gathering of more than 500 attendees comprising students of Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, and their parents, besides our teachers. Our panelists including Col PS Gill, Mr Danish (Parent), Ms Shubham Bajaj (Teacher – Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar), Ms Reicha Kandhari (Teacher – Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar), Mrs Nidhi Mehra (Parent), Ananya (Student -- Grade XI), Lavish (Student -- Grade XI), Gurmanya (Student -- Grade IX), quizzed Mr Tandon on various aspects of staying safe online.

Media Coverage of Webinar on Cybersecurity

6/1/2020 20:47

Media coverage of our webinar CYBERDEMIC which is the third webinar in the series THE CAUCUS aimed at bringing the community together to spark conversations that bring constructive change.

Webinar on "CYBERDEMIC"

5/29/2020 21:38

A Webinar on CyberSecurity by Rakshit Tandon


5/17/2020 17:00

The Iron Lady, whose gossamer compassion is as exceptional as her dauntless courage. We are grateful to Ms Gurpreet Deo IPS ADGP who enriched our platform with her sagacity and sapience. Punjab Police India

"DISHA" A Women's Safety E-Book

5/16/2020 22:34

We are proud to announce that through the platform of our webinar Lockdown or Knockdown, DISHA, a women’s safety ebook, compiled by SAANJH, Community Affairs Division of Punjab Police, which was released by Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh Ji on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020 will also be shared with the public. This initiative has been spearheaded by Ms Gurpreet Deo IPS ADGP Community Affairs Division and is a tool to make women cognisant of the avenues of help available for them. It is an efficacious and assiduous effort to enlighten women about their rights and various safety and security issues. DISHA will be helpful in making women aware of the preventive steps that could be taken to thwart any untoward happenings and to guide young Women regarding legal remedies to be taken as per provisions of the Indian Penal code, IT Act and other legislations enacted for bringing to book offenders indulging in crime against women .


5/13/2020 13:33

Webinar on Lockdown or Knockdown?

Police Commissionerate Amritsar

5/13/2020 16:28

Thank you sir for always being at the vanguards of selfless work and uplifting the vulnerable sections of the society. We are proud to have a leader like you who has impeccable vision and inimitable valour. Police Commissionerate Amritsar Punjab Police India


5/10/2020 21:24

#Happymothersday #Trueheroes #fearlessmother #selflesslove #supermom #punjabpolice #policewarriors #Bestwishes ——————————————— We salute the Superhero Mom *ACP Richa Agnihotri*


5/7/20 12:00

Proud to be partner with Univariety


4/2/2020 17:27

‘Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during hard times that the hero within us is revealed.’ - Bob Riley Mount Literans found a real life hero in SDM Mr Vikas Heera who has been working relentlessly to bring respite to those persecuted by the Covid 19 spectre. Undaunted by the threat of Coronavirus he has been in the vanguards of the campaign launched by our District Administration lead by Respected Deputy Commisioner of Amritsar Shri Shiv Dular Singh Dhillon to counter the assault of this nefarious disease. Bringing food to the hungry and compassion to the distraught, he has emerged as a role model for our students and the young generation. We salute his indefatigable spirit to work selflessly for the people. Our students expressed their gratitude by baking a cake for Mr Vikas Heera as a part of their BAKE FOR THE BRAVE campaign. Mannat Samra, student of grade 7 had the pleasure of baking a cake for this real life hero and getting inspiration by meeting him.

Virtual Learning

4/2/2020 11:53

Mount Literans have a way of tackling every hurdle that comes in the way of imparting quality education – VIRTUALLY! While the world mulls over ways of resuming a normal lifestyle in the wake of COVID-19 crisis, we have gone digital not just to utilize our students time constructively, but also to ensure that their academic graph remains high and nothing comes in the way of their erudition. Needless to say, our plans have succeeded by God’s grace and thanks to the hard work of our teachers, IT specialists, eagerness of students and the support of their parents. Here are a few glimpses of our virtual classes …

Gocorona #Prayers #Stayhealthy #Besafe

3/20/2020 18:40

#Gocorona #Prayers #Stayhealthy #Besafe #Admissionsopen #2020 @ Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar ------------------------------------------ #Amritsar #MountLiteraZeeschool #MLZSAmritsar #CBSE #AmritsarSchool #BestAmritsarSchools #Bestcbseschool #Brightfuture Academic session is started Call us at +91-98773 63333 Visit our website:-

Happy women's day

3/8/2020 17:00

#Happywomensday #Respect #Women #Admissionsopen #2020 @ Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar ------------------------------------------ #Amritsar #MountLiteraZeeschool #MLZSAmritsar #CBSE #AmritsarSchool #BestAmritsarSchools #Bestcbseschool #Brightfuture Academic session is started Call us at +91-98773 63333 Visit our website:-

#Admission open 2020#

4/3/20 17:00

#Admissionsopen #2020 @ Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar ------------------------------------------ #Amritsar #MountLiteraZeeschool #MLZSAmritsar #CBSE #AmritsarSchool #BestAmritsarSchools #Bestcbseschool #Brightfuture Academic session is started Call us at +91-98773 63333

Admission open 2020

2/18/2020 11:31

#+1 #Medical #Nonmedical #Commerce #Arts #Admissionsopen #2020 #XI @ Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar ------------------------------------------ #Amritsar #MountLiteraZeeschool #MLZSAmritsar #CBSE#AmritsarSchool #BestAmritsarSchools #Bestcbseschool #Brightfuture *Academic session is started* Call us at +91-98773 63333 Visit our

Admission open 2020

2/12/2020 13:06



2/8/2020 17:00

#MLZS Carnival For Climate Action#


2/5/2020 17:00

#Carnival 2020#ForClimateChange#MLZS

Young Entrepreneur

2/4/2020 16:53

A young entrepreneur who joined us in our TEDx journey and made the event more resplendent- Aishwarya Singh Rathore...We wish her success in all her future endeavours

Sports at Mount Litera... excellence begins early

1/23/2020 4:05

Every accomplishment starts with A Decision to TRY? Little Mount literan's in action????

State Level Topper(Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan)

1/23/2020 4:05

In a display of mettle consistent with her school’s motto ‘Potential Est Intus’ (the potential within us), Mannat Samra, a student of Grade VI, of Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, has secured the top rank in the Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM) 2019 of CBSE, held at DCM Presidency School, Ludhiana. Congratulating Mannat, Ms Manjot Dhillon, Director, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, said she competed with students from other schools from all over Punjab in different competitions to bag the third rank and a cheque of Rs 2000, in this event. “Mannat is one of the bright stars of our school, and we are proud of her extraordinary achievement on this national talent search platform,”she said.

Awareness about Traffic Rules

1/17/2020 20:47

31st National Road Safety week, Mount Litera Zee School collaborated with the Traffic Police Amritsar , to hold an awareness campaign, to educate the masses about the importance of observing traffic rules.


12/23/2019 19:23

PRESS RELEASE CYCLOTHON AND FIT INDIA Management, staff and three generations of MLZS pedal to save planet Earth AMRITSAR, DECEMBER 22: Concerned over the worsening ambient air quality caused by increasing air pollution, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, organized a ‘Cyclothon’, which witnessed the eager participation of the management, staff and students of the School, besides the parents and grandparents of the students. In tune with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India Campaign, the event aimed at urging masses to switch over to environment and health-friendly practices like cycling considering its health benefits and urge them to contribute to the cause of saving the Earth from air pollution. Major General Vikram Singh, GOC, 15 Inf Div, Brigadier Navneet Narian, Khasa Commander, and Mr Dipak Kumar Gupta (IRS), Customs Commissioner, who presided over the event, flagged off this bicycle rally. Raising the slogans ‘Ride for the Planet’, and ‘Save the Planet, Ride the Cycle’, the rally, organized in collaboration with Decathlon and the Amritsar Riding Club, took off from two venues – the school premises and Ranjit Avenue. It covered the chief locales in the city to spread awareness about the benefits of cycling as far as reducing environmental pollution and leading a healthy lifestyle are concerned. Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guests¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ attributed the menace of air pollution to increasing incidents of stubble burning and a constant hike in the number of vehicles on the roads, and the resultant traffic congestion. They urged the students to adopt the practices that are beneficial to the environment and health. Ms Manjot Dhillon, Director, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, said the aim behind the event was to sensitize the masses about the menace of air pollution, which is increasing daily because of several factors, and to acquaint them with the ways and means of curbing the same by switching over to a healthy lifestyle. “We have all enjoyed riding a cycle in our childhood. However, the fast paced life of today, the increasing competition in different fields, and the growing dependence on digital technology, and the resultant lure for financial gains, have alienated us all from the joys and benefits of riding a bicycle,” she said. She added the participants could be seen having fun while contributing to a cause that could benefit every human being if pursued regularly and sincerely. “Cycling is beneficial to health. We all should try to indulge in it as and when possible as this would help curb pollution and make the Earth a better place to live,” Ms Dhillon said. She added that the school was committed to the cause of supporting and organizing more such causes in the future. A tree plantation drive, an art exhibition, and ‘Swayam Siddha’, a skill development programme aimed at empowering the auxiliary staff of the school, were also held on this occasion. Mr Ajit Dhillon, Director, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, and Ms Rupinder Kaur Aulakh, Principal, Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar, were also present on the occasion. Mount Litera Zee School


12/23/2019 19:22

Media Coverage #tribune #Cyclothon #Pedal for planet Kids pedal to a healthy lifestyle

Press coverage of Diplomathon Global 2019#Tribune

12/16/2019 9:39


International English Olympiad

12/6/2019 8:30


IEO International Rank #1

12/5/2019 17:00

We are proud to announce that our student Zyna Dhillon of Grade 8 has scored 60 out of 60 and brought laurels to school by delivering outstanding performance in International English Olympiad . We wish her all the best for future endeavours.

Diplomathon Global Amritsar 2019

12/5/2019 18:30


Diplomathon Global Amritsar 2019

12/3/2019 9:35

Diplomathon Global Amritsar '19 to be held on 14 &15 December at Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar

Anti-Stubble Burning Compaign

11/23/19 12:55

The students of Mount Litera have always been at the vanguards of community service. Keeping the current threat of the hazardous practice of stubble burning has posed to our environment, our students took on the role of "ambassadors of anti-stubble burning campaign" seminar was organised with the support of Hon'ble SSP Taran Taran Shri Druv Dahiya at the village Naushera Pannu in Taran Taran Distt. Noted environmentalist S.Harinder Singh Sidhu and Dr. Anmol Kaur (MD Pulmonary Medicine) addressed the farmers and appraised them about the damage caused by stubble burning to soil, health and environment. The seminar focused creating awareness among the farmers to preserve the fertility of soil by not indulging in this hazardous practice pn one hand and make our state clean, green and pollution free on the other. The students performed a nukkad natak on the theme. the seminar was attended by parents of the school who lead by Mr Priya Chauhan and Priya Chauhan played a pivotal role in motivating the students to disseminate the message against stubble burning.

Career Fair

11/13/2019 15:59

Find your passion! Pursue your dreams! Do what you love! Aren’t these the most common career advices that each student in this generation is forced to give an ear to. However let’s ask ourselves today, are these actually enough? Recognizing the fact that all students need to experience the world of higher education, long before they leave the school, Mount Litera Zee School under the mentorship of its esteemed Director, Mrs. Manjot Dhillon successfully organized ’Paint Your Career’ workshop on 13th November, 2019 in the school premises. Such college fairs, with over 20 widely known and highly regarded universities from India and across the world are not just few and far between for the students and parents to kind of weigh their options and see what colleges could be best beneficial but also bring forth the right set of circumstances for them to assess what the universities across the globe have to offer by way of the courses. Malcolm X rightly quoted, ’’Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” A firm believer of the above statement, Mount Litera Zee School in collaboration with Edu Sensei, a group of professionally certified counselors and highly skilled educators, promoting quality education amongst the interested students, organized this unique workshop with an aim to “give direction to talent and passion”. Amidst the perfectionist urge of the achievers to achieve the right path, they constantly face the dilemma of finding a ‘right course’ or ‘right university’. The career fair at MLZS not just highlighted the varied avenues available for higher education and different procedures to single out the best fit university and courses to their interests but also encouraged students to adopt an optimal learning approach for career navigation at the very young age itself.


11/8/2019 19:06

Respected Principal, We are honoured to personally invite you and your prestigious school for our Flagship Diplomathon Global Amritsar'19 Conference. We are in association with Diplomathon Global and are inviting participation of over 60+ schools across length and breadth of Punjab, North India & International schools : Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand along with Nepal, Bhutan & Myanmar welcoming over 1000+ student delegates of Grades 6 to 12. Please find attached on this message:- Conference Brochure for Diplomathon Global Amritsar '19 Click here to Register your school -…/1FAIpQLSdlH30ibnecwcS5N0…/viewform For Conference details, Contact :- Ms. Sushmita Shivkumar : +91- 9960762124 ; (Request you to confirm your school participation before 15th November 19). Looking forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Team Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar

Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations

11/8/2019 14:33

To mark the 550th birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Mount Litera Zee school, Amritsar celebrated the Prakash Utsav in a grand and befitting manner. Mount Literans, along with their teachers, commemorated the processional singing of holy hymns in the form of Nagar Kirtan from the school and concluded at Singh Sabha Gurudwara,Loharka Road. Further, to reflect on our values of fairness, respect and equality for all, a special assembly was organized in the school where the students presented a beautiful rendition of 'Ek Onkar' and shabads from Gurbani, which were appreciated by one and all present. The students captivated the gathering with a shabad recital linking everyone present with one god- the Waheguru. Students of grade 9, also visited Gurudwara Ber Sahib ,Sultanpur Lodhi. The students of grade 4 and 9 also participated in a selfless service (seva) serving people with Langar at Loharka Road’s petrol pump. Students also took an initiative to serve Langar at Guru Nanak Hospital and Company Garden. The very act of serving Langar imbued in students the kindness and gave the message of living in harmony.

Mount Literans visit to Sultanpur Lodhi

11/8/2019 18:54

On the auspicious occasion of 550th Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Mount Literans went on a day-trip to Sultanpur Lodhi to pay obeisance to the first Guru of Sikhs at Gurudwara Ber Sahib. A blissful feeling of serenity was experienced by the students. The young devotees also served langar and did sewa at the Langar Hall, thereby, learning the virtue of equality and indiscrimination among people from different caste and creed. Showing humility and submission to the Guru and the WAHEGURU (God Himself), Mount Literans had one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives.


11/5/2019 10:35

Music, definitely holds a sweeping influence on our lives. It not only calms a worried soul but also evokes different emotions to the mind. Finding and nurturing special talents in children and youth, and seeing those students and their talents blossom, are among the great joys of teaching. In fact, our efforts at Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar is to do both—to teach basic skills well, and to identify and nurture students' strengths. In the first edition of Voice of Mount Litera, 104 bright sparks came for auditions out of which 40 students progressed to the next stage. To give inspiration to budding talents, Mr Dipin Raj famous Amritsar singer graced the event as the Judge. There were four different categories for the participants and top three prizes were given in each category. The title of Voice of Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar was won by Miss Ananya Kholia. She won the trophy and cash prize of Rs 5000/-. The event was a huge success with enthusiastic participation of both the talented school children and ever encouraging parents. MountLitera Zee School, once again showcased the desire and the ability to nurture the kids into tomorrow’s leaders.

Halloween 2019

11/5/2019 10:05

Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints' Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad. Our little tiny tots came dressed in gothic costumes and celebrated Halloween by playing trick or treat. Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar makes sure that each and every festival is celebrated with full zest in order to imbibe in our students, the spirit of unity.

Cleanliness Drive 2019

10/2/2019 13.25

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’’- Mahatma Gandhi Cleanliness is an integral part of the Gandhian way of living and our students paid homage to the Father of the Nation by imbibing his teachings in their actions. Mount Literans took the onus of being change makers. The future leaders picked up litter and beautified the walls of the famous ‘Galiara’ located in the heart of the city. Using art as a medium of conveying powerful messages, the students adorned the walls with eloquent images which reflected their perception of a clean and green environment. This progressive initiative was undertaken with the visionary guidance of Ms Komal Mittal Municipal Commissioner Amritsar. An exemplary leader like her is a beacon of social change and progress. We are grateful to her for showing our students the way.

Education World India School Rankings

10/4/2019 11.59

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” It fills us with colossal delight in trumpeting that Mount Litera Zee School Amritsar has been ranked No.1 in Amritsar by #EducationWorld India School Rankings 2019-20. The unmatched TEAM WORK of Mount Litera has made yet another DREAM WORK by being honoured and recognized as the paragon of excellence in Academics as well as a balanced co-curricular programme. In addition to this, the award also celebrates the safe, engaging and child-friendly environment experienced at MLZS Amritsar. “I proudly dedicate this achievement to the faculty, students and parents of Mount Litera family, who with their indefatigable efforts and sincere hard work have been able to fuel the accomplishment of our goals,” asserts Manjot Dhillon, Director, MLZS Amritsar.

Mount Literans visit to Welham Boys School

10/9/2019 10.54

You have never lived until you’ve almost died, And for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavour. The protected will never know.”, said Capt R Subramaniam, Kirti Chakra. To inspire our youth with same valour and josh, Third Edition of Military History Seminar was hosted by Welham Boys' School on 4th October, 2019 and 5th October, 2019. Twenty Nine Schools from all over India participated in the Seminar. Air Marshal K.C. 'Nanda' Cariappa, PVSM, VM (Retd.) was Chief Guest at the opening ceremony and Air Chief Marshal Anil Yashwant Tipnis, PVSM, AVSM, VM (Retd.) was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony. Our school children also got the privilege to meet Lt .Gen( Retd.) K Himalay Singh (27 Rajput battalion ) Yudh Sewa Medal awardee during the event. In this year’s edition, the chief guest was Air Marshal (retd) KC ‘Nanda’ Cariappa, the son of India's first Army Chief, who himself did his formative years at Welham Boys'. Lieutenant General (retd) Mohinder Puri, who played a key role during the Kargil war, introduced a film on Kashmir - Baramula to Kargil – that gave an idea of the existing ground situation in the valley. Another presentation, on the point 5,700 battle was given by General(retd) KH Singh, that was fought in the Turtuk Sector in 1999. Noted conservationist Bittu Sahgal,talked about the armed forces and conservation, reiterating, that the threat to the country from within, is perhaps just as dangerous as any external threat. The objective of this interaction was to evoke the feelings of nationalism and patriotism through nationwide campaigns especially amongst the youth, and to pay homage to the valiant soldiers. The event was planned to highlight the stories of valour by our brave soldiers, and intended to rekindle the pride amongst the youth of our country. Hence, inspiring those who are young to form part of the Nation’s resolve.


10/10/2019 13.35

Modern School Barakhamba Road New Delhi MUN is one of the largest and most reputed MUNs, witnessing delegates from all over the country. MODMUN 2019 was no different, with the top-notch delegations, executive boards and organising committee, it was indeed one of a kind experience for Mt. Literans. No. of participants- 9 Committees: 1. Rehan Mehra and Samaira Kumar- AOSIS 2. Zyna Dhillon and Krisha Arora- UNGC 3. Suheil Savlani and Amogh Khanna- UNHRC 4. Amrit Kaur- UNSCAP 5. Ananya Mehra and Kashvi Arora- C-34 And as MODMUN comes to an end, we would like to appreciate all our delegates who gave their best shot and were highly motivated throughout the event, always looking forward to master the skills they witnessed and displaying intention to improve with every given opportunity. Our students have truly held our heads high and proved their worth by voicing their opinions. We feel extremely elated and proud to inform you all that Zyna Dhillon and Krisha Arora managed to receive a verbal acknowledgement in the ceremony. Our delegates enthusiastically spoke in the moderated caucus, passed a motion on the topic— Effects of Climate Change with Special Emphasis on Climate Migration. From gaining confidence to interacting with fellow delegates, to learning how to put their point across, they have been truly benefitted by this opportunity. Mount literans once again take this opportunity to leave their mark, marching forward to myriads of victories waiting for them in the near future.

Kathakali Workshop at Mount Litera Zee School

10/13/2019 13.25

Heritage education : An asset kept alive Keeping the spirit of the tradition and culture alive, Mount Litera School, Amritsar organized a Spic Macay Workshop, from 11th October 2019 to 15th October 2019, which glorified the richness of classical Indian Dance and Music. Sh.Kalamandalam M. Amaljith is an alumni of prestigious Kudamaloor Kala Kendran and honoured awardee who enlightened students with various gathas from our cultural heritage. He initiated the session with a brief introduction to the art for the audience which comprised of students and teachers. Being a renowned artist in his field who has performed at both national and international platforms, he acquainted students on the art of multi layering of various paints and costumes to enhance dramatic expressions of the artist. Mount Litera Zee school, takes special effort in reviving the culture and tradition through this workshop in actively promoting culture and heritage.

Birth anniversary of United Nations

11/1/2019 13.25

It all starts with “When I’m on my period....” Mount Litera Zee School, Amritsar held an exclusive forum to mark the birth aniversary of United Nations on 24th October 2019 regarding menstrual hygiene. It embarked on to generate awareness on menstruation and to provide deeper insight into this natural phenomena. Dr. Sita Sharma, one of the reputed gynaecologists, guided the students about the whole occurrence and about its significance. Ms. Ritika Mehra and Ms. Neha Marwaha along with our opinionative students held further delegations. They talked about the current taboos prevailing in the society. The session ended silence on menstruation and emphasised on positive solutions on managing menses

First Board Exam 100% Result

6th May 2019 4:00pm

No Wonder Mount Literans are Exultant as they have achieved a stupendous 100% result in the very First Board Exam.

Best Team in Creativity Gamification Challenge

21st April 2019 3:00pm

Best Team in Creativity Gamification Challenge in Satyan Innovation Fest 2019 Organised by Sat Paul Mittal School